How to Pack for a Day Hike

Are you planning for a day long hike in the nearby woods or the hills? If yes, then you must have been already thought about the items you going to take for the hike. I suppose the first item in your list is a backpack and a pair of robust hiking shoes. You must have also thought about taking the hiking poles, a water bottle or a lunch box with you. All of these are good ideas. And these are certainly the essential items for any hiking trip. However, here we have prepared a list of some things which should also be included in your backpack before you embark on your journey.

How to Pack for a Day Hike

How to Pack for a Day Hike

  • Camera

A camera must be included in the hiker’s backpack. The best of the natural beauties can be captured forever if you have a decent camera with you during your trail. There are many Digital SLRs available in the market as well as in the online stores. It is a one-time investment which will bore fruits in the future too. Some of the best camera manufacturers are Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, etc.

  • Plastic Food Containers and Thermos

Hiking is a strenuous physical activity. It demands a lot of calories to be taken in. But when you are on trail you can’t have a heavy meal. So, it would be wise to carry some low weight foods such as chocolates, grapes with cheese or egg sandwiches with you. Other food options included peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chicken salad, banana sandwiches, etc. Keep those foods inside a plastic container. This will keep them fresh even if you ate them after a long time. Only the intake of food is not enough during hiking. You should also drink enough water. Carry a couple of thermos with you and fill them with cold water.

  • Water Resistant Poncho

Always carry a poncho made of water resistant material with you during hiking. You may face some unexpected rain fall during your trail. If you don’t carry any protection against such unexpected weather change you may end up in a very miserable wet condition. So, it would be wise to carry a water resistant poncho.

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  • An Extra Pair of Clothes

When you complete your day long hike, you can go to a nearby restaurant with your friends for some refreshment. But it is natural that your clothes will not be anywhere near perfect scene. You may feel sticky and stinky due to the sweats of all day. So, we advise you to carry an extra pair of clothes with you. At the end of your hike you will be able to change your clothes. It will be also helpful in case of any emergency such as sudden rainfall or snowfall.

  • Maps Unless You Have The GPS

Well, when you are going into woods or the hills don’t expect any street sign or traffic signal to guide you. Carry color printed maps with you and be your own guide in the forest.