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Top 5 Greatest Soccer Players Of Our Times

Soccer is one of the most famous sports of our times. Besides just being the most famous one, it is also a highly paid sport. Soccer players are often known for their witty style, humongous fan following and along with that comes their great fame. Soccer has seen some of the World’s most talented players, who made a mark in their career. However, we have to give it up for the top 5 soccer players of our times. Their contribution to the game has been massive and is greatly appreciable.

Top 5 Greatest Soccer Players

Soccer players don’t just have a unique style but have a charisma that intrigues many people to imitate them. They all have their own distinct persona that they showcase on field and “off-field”! Let’s look at who are the top 5 “Greatest Soccer Players’ of our times:

  1. Lionel Messi [Barcelona, Argentina]
    Lionel Messi, plays for his country – Argentina and also plays as the forward for the Spanish club FC Barcelona. He has had tremendous success throughout his career and keeps going strong. He will always remain a treat to watch. No one has done it as well as him. Messi is the only football player in history to win five FIFA Ballons d’Or, four of which he won consecutively, and the first player to win three European Golden Shoes.
  2. Paul Pogba [Juventus, France]
    Pogba is a professional French player who plays for other teams that include Juventus, and Manchester United. Although very young, Pogba has shown great talent throughout his term in soccer. His exceptional skills got him to be named the “best all-around mid-fielder”. Filled with rage to win, he also portrays some Zidane-styled moves and instinct on the ball. Well, expect the guy to only get better and better with time.
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo [Real Madrid, Portugal]
    Cristiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese professional player who also plays for the Spanish club Real Madrid. He is also the forward and serves as a captain for the National football team of Portugal. Often being called “best football player in the world”, he has indeed being declared the “Best Portuguese Player” by the Portuguese Football Federation. Cristiano always has something to offer for his fans when he sets his foot on the field!
  4. Luis Suarez [Barcelona, Uruguay]
    Suarez is a Uruguayan professional player who also plays as the striker for the Spanish club Barcelona. Also known to be one of the most highly paid football players, his skills and tactics to play the game with such grace is definitely a winner quality! No matter how much one tries to deny the fact, he is indeed one of the best players of our times.
  5. Neymar [Barcelona, Brazil]
    Neymar is a Brazilian professional football player who plays as the forward for the Spanish club, Barcelona. He’s the third man among the unbeatable trio of the Barcelona squad. Neymar is explosive, and technically God-gifted! He plays with such ease and smoothness it’s almost mind-boggling! Still at a very tender age, he has a lot of room to grow and contribute much more to the History of Football.

Well, there you have it, five of the most talented football players in the history of football. They don’t just woo people with their amazing tricks but their charming persona and interaction with fans is an added bonus! Nothing ever stops them from showcasing their best self while on field, we obviously have a lot to learn from that. Be it injuries or personal matters, while on ground all that matters is victory and nothing more!


What Exercises Can Make You a Better Soccer Player

Football is a sport to get everyone involved and have fun  To an advanced player, however, you have to start working hard early. You have to work on your fitness, and learn to imitate the great football, but you need to enthusiasm for the game.

Practice is the only key to advanced football skills, but you want to make sure that the correct practice things. Soccer players need endurance, speed, agility and strength in their fight against the opposing team to keep.

Players in each position require special skills or attack to defend. A mixture of exercises to help make a better football players in general. If you want to train to get a better football player, you need to focus on features, such as speed and dynamic coordination.

What Exercises Can Make You a Better Soccer Player


Football players have the power to have, so that they may take during the game, but they do not go at the same speed during the game .You switch between walking, jogging ,running and thus the Sprint, the range of small high intensity exercises that serve well in their training.


The force has to hit a major impact on the ability of a football player the ball and their opponents  This dominates and sauces The development of upper body strength, abdomen and legs is important.

The body weight and dumbbell sessions – Training should focus on compounds that include functional exercises push ups for upper body. Sit ups and crunches for the abs and lunges, squats and calf.

Agility and Speed

The speed of a football player, determines whether it is able to get first to the ball, while their agility effects as he touches the ball, when it comes. The growth rate and improve the agility of a better player in the football game

Timed run can help a certain distance, measure your speed. Compete against time to improve the distance until you run your speed. Weaving run in training agility in and out of cones and speed drills. his explosiveness, doing power moves to improve as jump squats and clean


  • Certain Position : Each position requires a certain skill, plyometrics therefore not focused you will be in their specific situation, help better train. Goalkeepers must practice the lateral boundaries, because they have to jump backwards to defend the goal. This exercise will be carried out with the right foot, jump as far as possible to the left to reach his weight on the left foot, then jump to the right. Begin by then raise a three-second pause between border and speed the
  • Proponents should practice explosive push ups, and they have to fight for the position and the possession of the ball. Start with your body as you lower it in a traditional iron, but the arms of the extension of the move is complete, push so that your hands are on the floor. Earth slowly and repeat.
  • Attacker should be as quick and agile, so you should concentrate on exercises that rapid mobility T-Hop. In this exercise, player practicing jump side to side and back and forth in the form of a letter T. Practice with your feet together, then one foot at a time. Increase the speed as you go through the exercise.


Qualifications Needed to Be a High School Soccer Coach

High school football coach is responsible for promoting the selection and training of young athletes and their development. Football coach in high school has to prepare their teams for competitions, while the communication with the parents and the school administration to coordinate all events.

Football seasons of main, they last 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the leagues and playoff scenarios. Many states have their high school in the fall football season, although some spring function stations directly. The season schedule apart, candidates for the high school football coach should have a variety of job titles on Earth.

High School Soccer Coach


Master or Independent Distributors

Many high schools full-time education employees enrolled to take on the additional responsibilities of the football coach teams and women, its young. In most cases this means that the school does not hire trainers from the pool of teachers immediately. However, some training opportunities for non-teachers who already existing connections to a school. People who need to take a coaching role with the football team in secondary schools, a strong relationship with the athletic director of a school and a good dose of enthusiasm only full-time teachers work. However, self-employed should, at a school in general have no other connection is a type of trainer license and other relevant experience with the sport. In both cases, certainly the appropriate procurement makes it easier to refer an athlete to get support and provide students with a quality experience and qualifications of the licenses.

Formal Training Authority

Several leading organizations provide formal education credential for high school football. For example, recommend the National Association of America coach trying to take the high school coach NSCAA, NSCAA Premier Diploma or Similarly, US Soccer It is a “B” national approval rate for coaches 16 players at the university level. It requires American football coach from the initial level license “E” in “C” for several years to progress before applying for the program level “B”.

Another important institution is the National Federation of State High School of Association (NFHS). Those who are the National Coach Certification Program NFHS interscholastic coaches attend accredited with specific training for high school football. Training guidelines and licensing programs vary greatly from state and school district, but most programs cover a wide range of topics, including management issues, the student-athlete technical training, practical strategies and tactics play.

Additional Training and Competition


Qualifications Needed to Be a High School Soccer Coach

In addition to the official licenses to make and show a comprehensive understanding of football, have high school coaches usually more certifications and approvals obtained before work begins. Certifications classified in first aid and CPR as two of the most commonly used title. In addition, future trainers generally FBI background and other permits must be criminal background checks happen before they are allowed to work with children of school age.

Wage Scale

Purchase additional Football Team Training School, teachers jobs often earn a small salary bonuses, while the self-employed tend wages or earn remuneration for their efforts. Compensation varies by region and if it is. To a public or private school The standard salary range for football coaches at the high school is between $ 2,000 to $ 7,000 a season, according to the National Coaches Association of America. Some trainers can more or less, depending on your situation.