The main cause behind the pain in the wrist is wrist strain or sprain. The strain is a tearing of the muscle fibers repetitive movements or bad taste. Sprain is an injury to the ligaments , often the result of a sudden force such as falling or hit hard by a hard object . Weight lifting is an activity that is stressful to the joints by nature. The purpose of weight training is increase size of the muscle with a focus to strengthen them with an external source of resistance, normally requires stress and put on the joints. One of the most common joint used in weightlifting is wrist , essentially any lift some grip with hands emphasizes the wrist are involved. Avoid wrist pain while lifting the careful rehabilitation of injuries and sound lifting habits requires.

How to Avoid Wrist Pain When Lifting Weights


Avoid right turn biceps and triceps extensions bars. If possible, integrate Kettle exercises such as swings and that the wrist and grip strengthening.
Use of personal protective equipment when training such as protective gloves, resistance loop bands, knee sleeves, knee brace, knee wraps, knee ankle etc … ( Weight Lifting Gloves by Nordic Lifting, Resistance loop bands – Exercise Bands Set 4 by Starwood Sports, ProLift Knee Sleeves – this product is known to be one of the best knee sleeves on the market …)

The Necessary Improvements

  • Skip to navigation loop EZ that mimics the natural position of the hands and reduces pressure on the wrists. When you are ready to perform the exercises . Spend time with until you’re ready to go each feel a few weeks.
  • Doll extensions with resistance band or tube. The resistance should be easy. Complete 10 repetitions, the top position (ankle toward the ceiling) to hold for five seconds. Increase the sets, reps and resistance tolerance.
  • Pinch the plate. A plate 2 1/2 pounds between the fingers and thumb for 10 seconds with his arm standing aside and hold. to increase progress in charging time, then holds together two plates, smooth parts.
  • Supination / pronation. This movement is very important to strengthen wrist. Hold a light dumbbell, rest the forearm on his knee, and turn your wrist so that the fingers backwards. Then turn in the opposite direction. Do three sets of 10 repetitions, keeping the wrist neutral.
  • Barbell curls and wrist extensions. 10 reps support your forearms on his knees and three sets. Use a slow, steady pace on each wrist rep.Doing simply can push as wrists slightly forward and backward to increase flexibility, to reduce the chances of injury portions.
  • Apply ice to a painful or injured area for 15 minutes every two hours until the pain dissipates wrist. You can also ice on his wrists after training reapply up after recovering from injury.
  • With the wrist sheath around the upper body to train, the subject’s wrists to particularly high loads. Help bracelets, wrists and take a little pressure on them to strengthen. The exercises are difficult to be usually on the wrists, the press benches and biceps curls are.
  • Lifting light and slowly to heavier weights progress. If you feel pain in the wrist or a wrist injury, reduce the amount of weight you lift again and slowly build over time. Trying to jump while a lot of weight lifting when it comes to injury or experience after the initial pain when lifting can cause more damage. A gradual increase given time to heal and restrengthen the wrist.

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